Foucault Readings


Hello, class.
Here are links to our Foucault readings for next week.  Both are from a book by Michel Foucault called Discipline and Punish.

Chapter 1

Chapter 3

Update: Links fixed. Sorry about the earlier problems.


4 Responses to “Foucault Readings”

  1. 1 BEN

    I thought the reading was logical (to a point) and interesting. However, towards the end, the author starts getting a little too philosophical, which, I think ruined the reading a little.

  2. 2 BEN

    I thought that the 3rd Chapter (“Panopticism”) was amazing. Although there were some tricky parts in it, I was able to move past them and understand what it was that he was saying. And when I truly did understand what it was that he was saying, I realized that most of what he was saying has some truth to it (to a point).

  3. I’m very happy to see you commenting here, Ben, but I want to encourage you to be more specific in your comments. What, specifically, did you find amazing? And what was tricky? I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Feel free to quote a passage and respond to it. That’s one good way to tie your response to the text.

  4. 4 BEN

    What I found amazing, was that the power of fear was able to make one control their behavior. What I found tricky, was some of the reading, especially the philosophical parts and the words asociated with it.

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