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Reading: Franz Kafka, The Trial (up to page 167 – up to “Block, the Merchant, Dismissal of the Lawyer”) Writing: Choose one of the following words: alienation conformity obscurity absurdity logic Choose a short quotation from Monday’s reading assignment that illustrates some aspect of your chosen word. Write a paragraph that explains how your passage […]

Kafka’s text Wordle: Project Gutenberg text version Critical Article Wordle: Scott Finet, “Franz Kafka’s Trial as Symbol in Judicial Opinions”

Next Wednesday, we’ll begin to discuss Franz Kafka’s The Trial. By Wednesday, you should have read the Publisher’s Note (xii-xiv) and up to page 88 of the novel. I will begin to add links to resources on Kafka and this novel on our course wiki. Please feel free to join me in building up the […]

For Wednesday, please read sections 9-14 in the second essay of Frederick Nietzsche‘s On the Genealogy of Morals. You can download a PDF of those sections here. And for those of you who missed the short writing assignment due today, I had asked you to pick a concept in Foucault’s chapter on the Panopticon and […]