Pudd’nhead Wilson Passages


Each group should post its passages and interpretations in the comments.

Chapter — Group
10 – 12 — Group 1
13 – 15 — Group 2
16 – 18 — Group 3
19 – 20 — Group 4


7 Responses to “Pudd’nhead Wilson Passages”

  1. 1 Mirtha L Heredia

    group #2


    I chose: senteces on bottom of p 118 and top of page 119

  2. 2 Mirtha L Heredia

    Mirtha Heredia

    I chose : bottom of page 118 and top of page 119

    “Did that writing concern him. He was afraid so. He reflected that when ill luck begins it does not comes in sprinkles but in showers.”

    These sentences stood out because it shows that Tom is in the beginning of another plan. Tom was really curious to see whaat that writing was about. He knew that if it were about him and it werent beneficial to him, he would have to come up with a plan so he can do something before matters get worse.

  3. 3 Mirtha L Heredia

    This was another team mate (im not sure the name)

    Chapter 16 3rd paragraph

    “Do you mean that you would be sold into slavery to save me?”

    Tom seems genuinly surprised his mother would put herself back into slavery to help him. Though she really shouldn’t have, a mother’s love apparently shows no bands.

    Chapter 17 pg 5th paragraph

    “wilson was elected, the twins crushed, in fact and left forlorn and substantially friendless.”

    Funny how the entire town went from worshiping them to treating them like dirt once they heard about the murder. No one gestured why luigi killed the man depite how much they had adored them.

  4. 4 Henry Tam

    Group 1
    Chapter 10
    “Every now and then, after Tom went to bed, he had sudden waking out of his sleep, and his first thoughts was, “Oh, joy, it was all a dream. Then he laid himself heavily down again, with a groan and the muttered words, “A nigger! I am a nigger! Oh, I wish I was dead!””

    This chapter occurs after ‘Tom’ discovers that his true identity was Chambers, a black man and not exactly the real Tom, so the above quote/passage was chosen to describe how ‘Tom’ begin to feel throughout chapter 10. The event of learning his true race seems to have changed his daily life living as a white. Though he has been living as a white most of his life, he suddenly begins to think himself as a inferior black man. Throughout this chapter he often reflects on how other blacks behaves in the presence of whites. Tom then forces the behaviors upon himself mentally often brings up the phrase “the nigger in me” whenever he does something that a black wasn’t supposed to be able to do.

    Chapter 11
    “Dave, I wasn’t meaning to belittle that science; I was only chaffing—chattering, I reckon I’d better say. I wish you would look at their palms. Come, won’t you?”

    The main part of chapter 11 revolves around the idea of Wilson’s ability to read palms. Tom found it silly at first but when the predictions came true about Luigi, he seems to become a believer fast enough. When offered to read Tom’s hand, he quickly refuses, fearing the truth of his identity being discovered. Perhaps he’s afraid of fate, since palmistry was so accurate according to Wilson and the twins, then whatever Wilson might’ve read off Tom’s palm may very well come true.

    Chapter 12
    Pg 63
    “Honor stood first; and the laws defined what it was and where in it differed, in certain details, from honor as defined by church creeds and by the social laws and customs of some of the minor divisions of the globe that had got crowed out when the sacred boundaries of Virginia were staked out.”

    This quote is chosen because the views of the people and this chapter focused on honor. This sentence explains what honor is and where it comes from. Tome has obviously taken some of that honor away, embarrassing his own uncle judge Driscoll.

  5. GROUP 3 – Chapters 16 & 17

    CH. 16- In this chapter, Roxy offered to have herself sold off in an auction in order to help her own son pay off his debt. But what she didn’t know was that her son sold her off “down the river”. This act of deception committed by Tom shows me that there is truly no one in this world he cares about and would put anyone at risk in order to help himself out of any situation. Roxy was a devoted mother who would give her life up for her son and its just heartbreaking to hear that Tom would commit such a cruel deception to her. Why have enemies when you have family capable of committing acts of deception like Tom had done to Roxy!

    CH 17- As one reads on through this chapter, one could only come up with offensive words to describe Toms character. After having deceived his mother in order to pay off his own debt, Tom seems more relaxed and in a better mood. Its as if he’s living life now with no worries. Meanwhile he left behind the only women in this world who loves and treats him like no one else. With Toms improved behavior and overall outlook, his Uncle seems convinced and entrusts Tom with the combination to his safe and a huge responsibility in regards to the election. Its just a shame how Tom can look past what he did to his mother and move on with a smile on his face.

  6. 6 Kemar

    Group #3: Chapter 19

    “Then he felt the old man’s strong grip upon him, and a wild cry of “Help!help!” rang in his ear. Without hesitation he drove the knife home-and was free.”

    The phrase ” was free” in the last sentence could be interpreted literally as Tom was freed from his uncle’s “strong grip,” but also it could mean that because Tom killed his uncle both him and Roxy are now free. Tom is now the sole heir of his uncle’s money and he could payoff Roxy’s master.

  7. 7 oliviadavis1

    group 4
    cpts.19 & 20

    chpt. 19 pg. 101-bottom
    “Judge Driscoll, an old and respected citizen…”
    this is an important passage of this chapter because it informs the town of the assassination of Driscoll. also, it implies that one of the twins is the murderer by stating “by a profligate Italian”.

    chpt. 20 pg.109
    “first, he hunted out the plate containing the finger-prints made by Tom…”
    i this this chapter stood out the most, for it starts to enlighten Wilson on the tampering of the finger-prints of Tom. this discovery is further investigated and gives clues to the unsolved mystery murder of Driscoll.

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