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As we discuss Guantanamo this week, I’d also like us to think about America’s treatment of its prisoners more generally.  If you have a chance, please check out the New Yorker article I mentioned earlier in the semester: Gawande, Atul. “Hellhole.” The New Yorker 30 Mar. 2009. The New Yorker. 11 May 2009 <;. Advertisements

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This week, we’ll consider two contexts of Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson: slavery in the U.S. and racial constructions of identity. Slavery Have you ever wondered how slavery was justified on philosophical, moral, and religious grounds? This week, please read the documents in The Nineteenth Century American “Conversation” on Slavery: Arguments in Support of Slavery for examples […]

As you explore the social, historical, cultural, and legal contexts of Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson, please check out the following resources. Many of them include links to primary sources that you can use in your paper: University of Virginia Puddnhead Wilson Page Please check out this site!! It contains wonderful information on sources, advertisements, first […]